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Lauren Blackwell's Fundraising Page Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center

Lauren Blackwell

Lauren Blackwell

Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center is committed to developing positive social development, academic success, and creativity in the minds of youth today. Our mission is to teach youth the fundamentals of leadership and encourage them to use their gifts and strengths to promote success and balance in their lives.

Please show your support for LTYC by making a contribution to our campaign and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance LTYC's mission to provide equitable access to the arts! Together, we can make a difference!

Your gift is 100% tax-deductible. The non-profit organization benefiting from your gift will be granted 75% of your donation, and the remaining 25% will be retained by MOVE Maryland to support this event that moves Maryland's charities forward.

Donor and participant contact information will be shared with the non-profit organization benefitting from your gift.

MOVE Maryland is a virtual day of wellness to Move Maryland's Nonprofits forward.

Maryland is stronger together! MOVE Maryland brings together area nonprofits and supporters for a community event to support all of our important missions and amplify our voices. Together we can create one powerful voice for change.
MOVE Maryland will take place online on Saturday, November 7 beginning at 9AM. Participants who fundraise at least $200 for their favorite cause will receive a unique access code to view the workout sessions, groove to energizing music, and receive an absolute abundance of inspiration.

SPIN with Jami Crist >> REV Cycle
BARRE with Charlotte Thomsen >> REV Cycle & Darryll Peterson >> REV Cycle & FX Fitness
TAE BO with Erin Lensky >> FX Fitness
FAMILY BOOTCAMP with Reese & Amanda Ashe >> Reflex Functional Fitness

Viral deejay, DJ Kopec, will keep energy high and blood pumping as he spins your favorite jams.


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Best wishes to the LTYC team and our most precious children.
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